pour chris marker


happy birthday/see ya!

(29/07/21 to 29/07/12)


> wiki

> gorgomancy.net

> marker’s youtube channel

> marker photostream (as sandor krasna)


++ AKA: kosinski (youtube); sergei murasaki (second life); nemo lowkat; sandor krasna

more watchables & caps:

(2011) stopover in dubai (full vid)

(2004) chats perchés

(1997) level five

(1990) an owl is an owl is an owl (full vid)

(1988) tokyo days (full vid)

(1984) 2084 (full vid)

(1983) sans soleil (full vid)

(1981) junkopia (full vid)

(1965) le mystère koumiko (full vid)

(1962) la jetée (full vid)

(1959, w/walerian borowczyk) les astronautes


> many more online-viewable films indexed at
the diy chris marker retrospective assembled by pacze moj

> a look at marker’s studio on agnès varda’s tv show; version with english subs

> epitaphe en forme de chat (mp3)

> 30/07/12


> alexandre kha:  l’attrapeur d’images

> alexandre kha: la disparue

> alexandre kha’s photostream|



misc. readables/etc:

chrismarker dot org (!)


the invisible man” (who is chris marker?) by chris darke

list of film/video/multimedia works

revenge of the eye: a portfolio by chris marker

“japan through the looking glass” (chris marker & japan) by olaf möller

chris marker: notes in the margin of his time” by adrian martin

shock of the old: how the “gentlemen amateur” of the digital era uses not-so-new media to map the workings of human memory” by catherine lupton

petit cinéma of the world or the mysteries of chris marker” by susana s. martins

cross chris: some markerian affinities” by adrian martin

the pathéorama by chris marker

“the rest is silent” by chris marker: audio | text

libération interview 2003: english | french

chris marker & the SLON collective 1967-76

cinema in the hands of the people: chris marker, the medvedkin group, and the potential of militant film” by trevor stark

chris marker & third cinema” by françois lecointe

heftier reads:

chris marker: memories of the future (catherine lupton, 2004)

chris marker & french documentary filmmaking, 1962-1982 (thesis; g.d. van vauwenberge, 1992)

commentaires 2 (chris marker; french)

more reading (unsorted)

guillaume en egypte au bresil (pdf, ~10 MB)

poptronics interview (trans.)

l’archipel fantome | ouvroir







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