the archaeology of ecstasy

^ 1998; stonehenge & snuffing pipe figure from colima, mexico, c. 100 b.c. – 200 a.d.


^ 2008 revised ed.; graphic rendering of a figure on a rock art panel at tassili, algeria.


“Using a slew of disciplines — including archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, ethnobotany, biology and other fields — The Long Trip strips bare the evidence for the psychedelic experiences of various prehistoric societies and ancient, traditional cultures. It is probably the most comprehensive single volume to look at the use of mind-altering drugs, or entheogens, for ritual and shamanistic purposes throughout humanity’s long story, while casting withering sidelong glances at our own times — as Devereux points out, our modern mainstream culture is eccentric in its refusal to integrate the profound experiences offered by these natural substances into its own spiritual life.”


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