6 thoughts on “more rivette worlds

  1. Having never much appreciated Rivette (too tied to theater and its games) I imagine I would have been more interested if they actually looked like this, but alas… Though if the rest of it weren’t adjusted to fit into this kind of aesthetic, I imagine it wouldn’t work. He would have had to be a different filmmaker. (Or in my jaundiced view, just a filmmaker instead of a filmed theater-maker.) Jon Jost http://www.cinemaelectronica.wordpress.com http://www.jonjost.wordpress.com

    • true enough, sir. i thought you might feel this way, but personally i get a huge kick out of rivette and his games. and i’m interested to some degree in hybrid forms that use the language of both theater and cinema. though yes, in all fairness rivette is inconsistent and may have a bloated reputation. you on the other hand are under-appreciated, which is bullshit. room enough in my world to love the both of you. respect.

  2. To each their own. Some like, some not. Of late mine are Pedro Costa, Leighton Pierce, Toshi Fujiwara and others. Of moi, I am a very very little nobody in the canvas of cinema, a gnat or less. Maybe a tiny little virus.

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